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Random Packing

Metallic Random Packing

The operating performance of XSR series metallic random packing is equivalent to the IMTP, CMR, Pall ring, Rasching ring, flat ring, etc. The product specifications are 5/8", 1", 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5".

Ceramic Random Packing

We provide full series of ceramic random packing products, such as Rasching ring, CMR, rectangular saddle ring, saddle ring, Pall ring, ceramic ball, etc.

Plastic Random Packing

We provide full series of plastic random packing products, including Rasching ring, Pall ring, rectangular saddle ring, TRI PACK, Pall ring, etc.

Nutter Ring

Nutter Ring is a type of rectangular saddle ring, its unique saddle back flange structure enables the formation of a uniform packing layer. It is also beneficial to the lateral distribution of liquid and the renewal of liquid film on the surface of the packing. It has high surface utilization rate, better mass and heat transfer efficiency, and can effectively reduce the height of the packing layer.


IMTP’s unique and revolutionary cylindrical saddle structure combines the advantages of cylindrical packing and saddle packing. Its fluid mechanics performance and mass transfer performance are superior to conventional random packing.


CMR is the most used third-generation random packing. CMR’s lower height/diameter ratio allows it to be packed more closely. The increased flanging design improves structural strength, pressure drop, and efficiency. Hence, Pall rings are commonly replaced by CMR.

Pall Ring

Pall rings the most used second-generation random packing. Pall rings were originally modified from Rasching ring. Additional openings on the side of Pall rings improves gas-liquid contact in the packing layer. Additionally, this practical design reduces the resistance and increases the moist area inside the tower.

Rasching Ring

The Rasching ring is one of the earliest industrial random packings ever developed. Its structure is a cylindrical ring with the same height and diameter, which allows for higher weight ratio and higher strength. Due to its simple structure and low manufacture cost, Rasching rings (in particular ceramic ones) are still widely used.