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Oil and gas treatment

We provide customers with full-process services over the course of project development and execution, including conceptual design, detailed process design, detailed engineering design, procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance & control, factory testing, certification, transportation, installation, and startup.

Leading technologies

Using the latest professional design software and cooperation with world-known technology providers, we proudly present key design technologies:

  • Gas Dehydration Systems

    ·Glycol (MEG/TEG)

    ·Molecular Sieve

    ·Silica Gel

    ·Activated Alumina

  • Gas Sweetening & CO2 Recovery System

    ·Amine (MEAIDEAMDEA)

    ·Inorganic Solvent

    ·Molecular Sieve

  • Gas Liouid Separation Systems



    ·Low Temperature JT

    ·Filter separation

  • Mass Transfer Equipment & Columns

    ·Column Internals (Trays/Packings)

    ·LPG Recovery

    ·Oil/Condensate Stabilization

    ·Solvent Recovery