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Structured packing

Structured packing

XSP series metal plate corrugated structured packing models includes: 111/2, 141/2, 171/2, 231/2, 451/2, 501/2, 601/2, 801/2, etc.

XSW series metal wire mesh structured packing models are 501 and 502.

Ceramic structured packing

The models that we provide are 100X/Y,125X/Y,160X/Y,250X/Y,350X/Y,400X/Y,450X/Y,470X/Y,500X/Y,550X/Y, and 700X/Y,  whereas the letters X and Y represent the incline angle of 30 and 45 degrees, respectively. The number before X and Y represents the specific surface area of the packing.

Plastic structured packing

We recommend plastic structured packing in corrosive operation at low temperature. The models that we provide are 100X/Y,125X/Y,160X/Y,250X/Y,350X/Y, whereas the letters X and Y represent the incline angle 30oand45o  degrees, respectively.

These types of packing are made of PP, PVC, CPVC. PTFE, PVDF, etc...

Series of ceramic structured packing.

Ceramic structured packing is preferred over metal structured packing in high temperature, strongly acidic, and alkaline systems. Ceramic structured packing’s high corrosion resistance ensures the reliability of the system during long operation time. It is commonly used in the mass transfer separation process of halides, hydrogen sulfide and lipoic acid systems.

Series of plastic structured packing

cheap and can be easily replaced. It is widely used in distillation, absorption and extraction in acidic systems. This type of packing is commonly made of PP, which can withstand up to 100 °C. PVDF is an alternative to PP at higher operating temperature (maximum of 150 °C).

A series of grid packing

Grid packing consists of strip structures that are arranged in a specific way. This type of packing has low surface area, high porosity, low liquid holdup, and short residence time.

It is mainly used in occasions that require high volumetric flow rate, low pressure drop, and resistance to blocking, especially in systems that contain dust, tar, solid particles, and oil.

Series of gauze packing

Gauze packing is made of metal wire mesh. It has many advantageous traits such as high theoretical plate number, good surface wettability, and low liquid holdup (due to the capillary effect). This type of packing best suits cases that require precise distillation (more theoretical plates are needed), separation and absorption of the thermal sensitive material, and separation and purification process at lab scale.

Series of metal plate corrugated structured packing.

An innovative packing designed and patented by Xiesheng. Its specially treated surface has higher separation efficiency because of better wettability and higher mass transfer area. This type of packing has better operating load and pressure drop compared to those of conventional structured packings. The high compressive resistance also ensures its wide applicability.