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Pan type distributor

The most important part of a packed tower is the liquid distributor.

Each and every layer of packings must be matched with a liquid distributor.

If a liquid distributor malfunctions, the efficiency of the whole packing section will be greatly affected.

Product Description

Pan type distributor

The operation flexibility of the packing itself is usually very large, thus the flexibility of the entire packing bed mostly depends on the liquid distributor.

Our company emphasizes on the following factors in the designing of pan type liquid distributors:

⑴Pan type liquid distributors must be easy to install and adjust. Horizontality of liquid distributors is also a crucial factor to be considered.

⑵Pan type liquid distributors must have resistance to blocking, since any blockage can significantly reduce the performance of the packed tower.

⑶The operational flexibility of the pan type liquid distributor mainly depends on the minimum designed flow rate .

⑷The gas resistance of the pan type liquid distributors cannot be too large, otherwise it could lead to uneven liquid distribution and entrainment. Therefore, a large free cross-sectional area is required.