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A natural gas plant was successfully installed in Amu Darya, Turkmenistan.
Source:Shanghai Xiesheng Chemtech Co.,ltd     Time:2021-08-25 views

The Turkmenistan division of CNPC invited Xiesheng to provide guidance on the installation of the separation section and the demisters of four oil-water separators that Xiesheng designed and manufactured.

During the installation, the design of our high-performance separation equipment was highly praised. The client was quite satisfied with the product quality and the working ethics and professionalism of our technical team. The installation guidance of the device lasted 14 days in total, and the project was successfully completed on December 21, 2013. The successful installation and start-up of the device greatly improved our company’ s popularity in the field of natural gas separation. This project also laid a solid foundation for the smooth completion of subsequent projects.